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Humans with Atype blood also contain additional enzyme called here which adds NAcetyl galactosamine the antigen. Guo L. described an alternative synthesis for Pdoped CDs. Mention the clinical uses of enzyme inhibitors [...]

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The applications of this technology in field medicine agriculture and industrial fields are to be discussed brief. Trehalulose is highly soluble in water . Scheme Xylitolderived Ndoped CDs with excellent photostability demonstrating the importance of Cl incorp. Conclusion Arabinose has either structure or scheme below [...]

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Gangapuram B. Soluble fiber may prevent bile salt diarrhea after gallbladder removal. For these reasons in addition to inherent low toxicity and high water solubility of glucose this particular monosaccharide has been extensively used ideal carbon source CD formation under range experimental conditions. Steps are to be mentioned [...]

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One of the four major classes biomolecules along with proteins nucleic acids and lipids. The stretch of DNA containing dimer is removed and gap filled by using sister strand as template polymerase. Similar considerations apply to understanding chromatographic separations ionic supports [...]

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Heparin binds to AT through highaffinity See figure showing the binding of antithrombin. It has free active group shows reducing properties and exhibits mutarotation. Glucose is the only source of energy for what kind cells Red blood and which lack mitochondria Q Aldonic acid produced from monosaccharide By oxidation aldehyde group aldose sugar [...]

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Rinaudo M. Use of glucose may be by either aerobic or anaerobic respiration fermentation. B. Although full mechanism of CD formation has not been elucidated to initial mechanistic studies the CDs from carbohydrates have suggested that ringopening aldehyde which can then react with available nucleophiles reaction mixture key [...]

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Because the reaction has undesirable features extensive destruction of carbohydrate structure occurs and is not very specific . Enediols obtained by the action of base are quite susceptible to oxidation when heated presence an oxidizing agent. Also the higher concentration of pyrophosphate less aggregation product was observed. It indicates space how secondary structural features helices sheets bends turns and loops assemble to form domains these relate spatially one another [...]

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B Give a brief description of structure proteins. Keywords fluorescent carbon dots monosaccharides nanomaterials nanotechnology applications polysaccharides Graphical Abstract Introduction applied to biological and biomedical problems has seen explosion of research recent years [...]

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It has lower molecular weight than starch and colors yellow with iodine. Enlist the of biological importance are condensation products three to ten Most not digested by human enzymes [...]

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A Discuss in brief the causes clinical manifestations and laboratory diagnosis of AIDS. What type of linkages are present between glucose residues Cellulose Beta Glycosidic Q. CNRK Go to reference . Insoluble Fiber can not dissolved water [...]

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If the OH group is designation beta. The primary structure remains intact. Glycerolis produced from Glyceraldehyde. No permanent cure only symptomatic treatment can be imparted. with haem as the prosthetic group [...]